Fire Alarm Systems


Fire Alarm Systems are literally the lifeblood of Fire Safety. They’re the first line of alert when fire and/or smoke is detected. Commercial and retail structures must follow a set of stringent, government-mandated regulations to stay within code. Myrtle Beach Fire Safety Group knows how to meet, and when and where to exceed, these standards to ensure the legal and safest possible environment for your employees and customers.

Inspection – Start with a free, no-obligation inspection from our trained team of fire safety technicians. We’ll leave no stone unturned as we give you a detailed, written assessment of the level of protection required and recommended.

Installation – Once the estimate is approved our team will waste no time bringing you up to code with guaranteed, fast, reliable installations.

Monitoring – We’ll not only train you on how to properly monitor your own systems, we’ll make periodic safety checks as well.

The Equipment – A wide variety of fire safety equipment needed for the alarm systems includes: Manual Pull Stations, Smoke Alarms, Smoke Sensors, and Detection Devices.

Signage – Once the equipment is in place, we will position the appropriate signage around the alarm system devices.

Control Panels – On larger alarm system installations a control panel may be required. Myrtle Beach Fire Safety Group stocks, and installs the appropriate control panel for each of these large install projects.

Intrusion Alarm – Intrusion alarms are an easy addition to your fire safety equipment. It’s often most cost effective to add intrusion alarms at the same time the fire alarm systems are being installed.

Emergency, Exit & Combination Emergency/ Exit Lighting – It’s not just for peace of mind that we see battery powered emergency exits in commercial and retail businesses. It’s also the law. We’ll make sure you have the proper emergency lighting installed to meet and exceed fire codes.

Horn Strobes – With adjustable tone and volume settings, Horn Strobes provide an audible fire detection alert, and a visual alert with a bright, flashing light.

Batteries – We use only the highest grade, highest rated commercial strength batteries for all wireless and emergency backup system installations.

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